Medical Web Design & Marketing Services

As professional medical and healthcare web designers, we provide physicians, medical groups, healthcare and mental health professionals with medical web design, search engine optimization, and medical marketing solutions. We produce quality websites and marketing successes at the most affordable prices possible. We'll take your organization's ideas and apply our skills, experience and solutions to generate a successful Internet presence.

Providing Cost Effective Healthcare Group Practice Web Sites that Work!
We produce results - visually exciting websites that attract patients and convey your practices' offerings and communications. Your success is our key goal. When you engage our designers, you're working with top-level professionals in marketing.

Designing your professional image requires professional & specialized solutions. Competitive strategies - extensive business skills - Cutting Edge Internet Technology. We offer professional medical web design, and medical marketing expertise. We're experienced with the technology of the Web and know how to effectively apply that experience to your business.

We create professional medical websites & marketing programs. When you work with MWD's, you are assured the most professional web site services, design and marketing skills available - guaranteed.

Our Web Design & Development Services

Our Web Designers Create Custom Sites for a Professional Image
Our professional cost effective and custom designs will present your practice in the best light. We don't design "cookie-cutter" template websites that harm your business image and place you in the look-a-like category.

Websites Designed to Encourage Desired Behavior

  • Web pages that emphasize informative content
  • Websites that deliver important content to specific visitors
  • Beautiful professional photographs and images
  • Submission to the major search engines
  • Professional detail and coding of each page
  • Web design with emphasis on medical and healthcare marketing
  • Submission to search directories
  • Fast loading, visitor friendly web sites
  • Cross browser compliant pages
  • Search engine prepared pages
  • Contact forms for your site visitors to submit their information
  • Complete Web site promotion and marketing knowledge
  • Search engine marketing experts
  • Professional quality photographs

Professional Medical and Healthcare Websites

Doctors and healthcare professionals have the new dimension of the World Wide Web to promote and market your services on a grand scale. Whether you're presenting your promotion pieces to local patients or marketing to other professionals, we'll make sure your image is recognized as the leader in your field and specialty.

Our clients include a wide variety of medical and healthcare professionals including physicians and their medical practices, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists and drug treatment facilities.

Increase your market exposure.
Getting you and your medical practice noticed in the markets you desire.

Around the clock marketing and image exposure.
Patients, associates and colleges can access your ongoing medical marketing program 24 Hours-a-Day, 7 Days-a-Week.

Increase your revenue streams through site promotion and referral tools.
Run profitable and multiple promotion and referral campaigns.

Instill Trust and Confidence through your site.
Make your medical Web site a reflection of trust and confidence your patients seek.

Present a sophisticated and professional medical presence & enhance your professional image.
Physicians and doctors need an image of loft and professionalism. We will create a medical practice Web site that projects both.

Owning a professionally designed 'custom' medical Web site can separate you from your peers.
Our professional medical web design and developers will design and create a beautiful and usable site that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Increase responses from your traditional advertising.
We will produce and compliment work that is tied in to your print, television and direct mail ad and marketing.

Referrals from other medical professionals.
Referrals are a mainstay of any professional practice. Make it easy for other professionals to refer their clientele.

Rules for Medical Websites and Health Care Website Design

Attractive & Clean Designs

A clean, uncluttered and attractive web design is the foundation of any top medical web site. A busy and image heavy site distracts and gets in the way of the users intention of collecting information. Whether we design using Flash Animation, Dynamic HTML , XHTML or XML, the delivery of information on the Internet is still all about the ability of fast delivery and scanable copy and messages. Never be different for the sake of being different and without purpose.

The focus of website design should always be your site visitors and target audience. Your visitors should feel both engaged and comfortable when visiting.

  • Custom medical web designs with the highest design standards
  • Accessible to wide-ranging computers, monitors and web browsers
  • Key usability and page navigation linking
  • A clean, functional and intuitive menu system and interface
  • Focused health care design and information presentation
  • Design layouts that offer simplicity for your visitors and users

Focused Information

Your visitors are looking for specific information about your medical or health care practice – deliver it to them. Stay on topic and focus one page per topic. Present the page with a proper title, opening paragraph, images/photographs, headlines and links.

  • Are the headlines being scanned to reveal a summary of the content?
  • When looking at the pictures and photos, does it lead the visitor to what your content is about?
  • Are the pictures interesting and engaging? Do they present linked captions?
  • Will the headlines, pictures/photos interesting enough to lead the reader?

Consistent Medical & Health Care Page Design

Carry the design and page layout throughout the entire website. This leads to a feeling of credibility and reliability. A change of layout or interruption in consistency breaks the visitors focus.

Clean Designs

Present a clean design. Structure the page elements, text and information logically and simplistically. Topics need to be placed with the most important information above the fold or within the first screen upon the web page loading. Give your visitors and patients an easy and quick way to find your information that is placed deep down a page - use linked or anchored text at the top of the page.

Easy to Read and Follow

Always make sure the visual leads including the site navigation and text (copy) are clear, accurate, and easy to read and scan. Adjust text size to reader audience. Smaller text can drive a more serious feel while larger text is more relaxed.

Fast Page Download Time

Study the visitors and their connection speeds. Reduce download times with external file systems and optimized code and images.

Simple Navigation and Menu System

Site navigation and menus should be brief, descriptive and accurate.  Visitors can be misled and click-away if links don’t match the intended page information. As soon as the visitor arrives on a page, the page heading(s) should properly present the information and relate to what they’re looking for.

Site-Wide Contact Information

The website pages should carry the business contact information and link to additional office topics (drive maps). Include the business name, address and phone numbers. Multiple location businesses should provide a complete index page presenting each location.

Medical and Healthcare Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for DoctorsWeb marketing begins with optimizing your medical web site and is an important step in winning the search engine ranking and positioning battles. Using the correct techniques, you can get great exposure by getting high listings on the popular search engines and directories.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Placement and Ranking is an ongoing process that, over time, results in high search engine ranking on the search results page of search engines and directories. Any search engine optimization program must also address the ever-evolving search engine relationships, business models and the way web sites interact with the top search engines and directories.