Services of Medical Web Designs

Content Management Systems

Our content management systems are used by our clients to manage, edit and organize their own content and website pages. Our CMS are full-featured and easy to understand and use.

  • Powerful and Easy to Use CMS Program
  • Word Style Text and Styling Editor
  • Access From Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection
  • Create New Pages, Edit Current Pages or Delete Older Pages
  • Add and Update Your Stored Images and Photos
  • Choose from Different Design Templates when Creating A New Page
  • Your Changes and Updates can be Automatically Scheduled to Go Live in The Future or Publish to the Web Immediately
  • Your Updates Go Live As Soon as You Want
  • Search Engine Friendly Page Code For Complete Search Engine Indexing to Find Your Information
  • Database Storage, Backup and Security
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Guidance
  • Sitemap creation and submission to the Major Search Engines
  • Google analytics and tracking
  • Submission to the major search engines

The features of a content management system include:

User Management

Multiple users approved by your administrator to maintain, edit, update and create new content. Permissions are set using protected passwords and access point. Each is customized for your use and can be updated  by you.

Content and Presentation

With the use of your custom designed templates, the content and creation of new pages are easily managed. The template designs are stored with the content in a single and accessible database.

Ability to Edit, Create, Delete and Schedule Work

All your abilities are simple and straightforward. Powerful tools include robust text editors, style formatting editors and HTML editors.

Content Delivery

Your content, including text, images, popular plugins and more are organized in easy to understand categories.