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Flash Designs

Flash is the high quality, rich media that presents an extraordinary experience on the web. Our Flash creations, including photograph introductions, videos and animations, are beautiful, functional, and fast-loading - designed to generate increased attention to your medical or healthcare website and capture visitors. We create special customer experiences by integrating great medical web site design, high-performance media into your website, and we always do it with your customers in mind.

Medical Web Designs are Flash specialists and have the skills to create designs that attract, engage, and retain site visitors. Your website will provide a rich and compelling Web experience for your visitors and customers. There are many both good and bad examples of the use of Flash on the Web today. Inexperienced web designers can harm a website's usability and push important visitors away with oversize Flash files and movies. We have the knowledge and expertise to set your site apart from the competition and provide the best Flash experience possible for your customers. Poor design can be very costly. We'll show you the proper designs for your particular business.

Using text, graphic animation, and video, Flash animation delivers superior design results for interactive marketing and presentations that can be used across many website designs and downloaded at unbelievably low file sizes. Our projects show the proper and various uses of Flash.

Flash is the world's most widely used software platform.
With the Flash Player is installed on 98% of Internet-enabled desktops and web browsers worldwide and on a wide range of popular devices, visitors to your website are provided with a memorable and business branding experience. The Flash plug-in is free from Macromedia and is quickly downloaded and installed.

  • Popular Uses of Flash animation include -

  • Videos - showing videos in Flash is now a standard. You and your practice in video live action, offering services and demostrations.
  • Introduction movies - create a strong first impression and set a unique tone for a web site design. These Welcome or "Intro" movies can be small sectionals placed on the Home Page or as a whole page animation. As required by some website owners, sound and video can be incorporated.
  • Custom Flash banners - easily placed at the top of one or more pages branding your company name, logo and services throughout your website.
  • Menus and button links - utilizing Flash buttons and page controls makes for a highly interactive and visitor "capturing" feature.
  • Full movie presentations - present your services and products like nothing else on the Web. These designs include text, sound, photographs, graphics and video.

Medical Web Designs are Flash experts in its design, utilization and marketing effectiveness. Let us show you how to use this powerful and important marketing feature.