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Medical Web Design

A website should be professional, easy to navigate and appeal to the user. Key medical web design rules include:

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Web page colors should complement the medical practice or service. The readability of your text is key to your users. Dark text on a light background makes for the best combination

Keep paragraphs shorter rather than longer – big blocks. Separate paragraphs with enough space to provide a clean separation. This enhances the readability of the text on the web page.

Pages should always fit the users monitor. Never produce a page with horizontal scrolling. Page depth should never be too long causing the reader to get lost down a page.

Keep the size of images, photographs and graphics to a minimum. Download time is still an issue for some of the users on the Internet. Large graphic size will quickly add to this download time.

Animations and videos should be designed to attract and enhance. Distracting images have no place on a professional practice or organization website.

Write for the user and visitor. Write copy for the user and visitor. The information should be scanned and picked-up quickly. Balance the presentation with the text and informational content. This is key to a successful website. We provide professional level medical web design services.