Services of Medical Web Designs

Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are designed to market and position medical and healthcare Web sites at the top of the search results pages so users searching on relevant keywords can find them. We achieve excellent search engine results of our clients.

SEO Service Features

  • Review Your Business Goals
  • Review Your Competing Websites
  • Review Your Specific Industry Focus
  • Generate Specific Keywords and Key Phrases Tailored to Your Business
  • Incorporate the SEO Process into Your New Web Design
  • Provide Copy and Content Guidance With a Focus on Your Specific Website Industry Theme
  • Sitemap Creation and Submission to the Major Search Engines
  • Google Analytics and Tracking
  • Submission of Your Website to the Major Search Engines

We offer two search engine placement and optimization programs

Program 1) Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that, over time, results in high search engine ranking on the search results page of search engines and directories. Any search engine optimization program must also address the ever-evolving search engine relationships, business models and the way web sites interact with the top search engines and directories.

SEO for healthcare and medical websites

Program 2) Paid Placement - pay-per-click
With our paid placement program, you can be placed in the top positions on the 1st page of any major search engine including YAHOO, GOOGLE, AOL, MSN, ALTAVISTA, LYCOS, NETSCAPE and HOTBOT. These search engines cover more than 90% of all searches done on the Web.

The Importance of a Top Search Ranking

Unfortunately, simply being listed with the search engines is not enough to guarantee success. If people have not found what they want on the first or second page of a search result query, they will simply type in a new search phrase. As you may imagine, competition for positions near the top of the search results is fierce.

So how do you get your web site noticed above all others?
The answer is to have your medical website optimized for the search engines so that when potential customers come looking - it is you that they find!

Medical Web Designs performs search engine optimization services including content-rich web page for your medical web site. We feel will achieving high rankings in the "editorial style" listings of the search engines are due to proper optimization and web page design.

  • Search Optimization
  • Optimized Pages for Your Practice Website
  • Link Popularity
  • Key Phrases Development
  • Search Engine Management & Statistics
  • Spam and Blacklist Warnings
Optimized Pages
  • Search Engine Optimization of Promotion and Existing Pages
  • Search Engine Sitemaps
  • Submission of Optimized Pages Submitted by Hand to Important and Specific Search Engines and Directories
  • Submit Website to Paid Inclusion Search Engines

Ongoing Keyword Optimization

  • Create Relevant Search Engine Keyword Phrases
  • Traffic Reporting of Web Sites
  • Keyword Phrases of Current Internet Environment and Competitors
  • Web Site Promotion, Marketing And Management of Keywords
  • Ranking of Keyword Phrases Used by Competitors
  • Primary and Sub Keyword Phrase Linking
  • Generate Web Site Titles, Descriptions and Keywords
  • Submission and Placement to Search Engines By Hand

We submit your website to the Top Search Engines and Directories

google marketing
yahoo marketing
  • Google: Shows searches at any Google-owned web site such as or Google Image Search. May show searches at some Google partners that show Google's domain in the URLs of their search results.
  • Yahoo: Shows searches at any Yahoo-owned web site, including perhaps those of Yahoo Marketing, AltaVista and AllTheWeb. .
  • MSN: Shows searches at any MSN-owned web site such as MSN Search.
  • AOL: Shows searches at AOL Search and perhaps Netscape Search.
  • Ask: Shows searches at Ask and perhaps Ask-owned Teoma.

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